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Snorkel Experience in Lanzarote
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Get your mask ready and put your fins on, it's time for some snorkelling.Come on your own or with the entire family, snorkelling is the perfect option for all ages to enjoy the underwater life from the surface whilst swimming in a relaxed manner. It is a great alternative in case you are not able or not interested in scuba diving. Being in the water is a new experience for most, take it easy and relaxed. Within a small group you will be introduced how to snorkel and you will explore the incredible underwater world of Lanzarote. Your guide will be on your site and helps you spotting amazing aquatic life.Learn how to prepare and use your snorkelling equipment correctly and be safe in the water. The wetsuit keeps you warm and helps you to float effortless on the surface. The snorkeling program is an introductory experience, not a certification course. The price includes the snorkel equipment, insurance, guide and transfers to/from the dive sites.

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